Múm|If I Were a Fish

Múm - If I Were a Fish

image by Mum

我喜愛的Múm回來了,由英國的Fat Cat轉到德國的Morr,八月即將發行的專輯【Sing Along to Songs You Don’t Know】早陣子開始在網路上流轉,聽了多遍,其中開首的《If I Were a Fish》充滿浪漫的童話感覺,像一下子回到早期成名作品《Green Grass of Tunnel》的朦朧美。


If I Were a Fish by Mum

If I were a fish
And you were a sea shell
Would you marry me anyway
Would you have my babies

If I were a fish

If I were a fish

La la la la la la

If I were a bumblebee
And you were a bottle
Would I drown in you anyway

大黃蜂跌落瓶裡,一個非常北歐夏日的畫面,可惜我聽不出《If I Were a Fish》最後一句的歌詞。