Pet Shop Boys《Legacy》或遭內地禁播

Pet Shop Boys早前大碟【Yes】據報要在內地發行的話便要將當中《Legacy》的歌詞作出收改:

英國人氣電子組合Pet Shop Boys,早前推出新大碟《Yes》,但有報道指大碟近日在內地發行時,因為其中一曲《Legacy》歌詞敏感,被內地當局要求作出刪改。

組合主音Neil Tennant得悉此事後大為震怒,他對英國記者說︰「難道中國真的害怕一首歌的力量,會帶來轉變?」消息指為了唱片能夠順利在內地出版,唱片公司準備將此曲在內地版CD中刪去。

– 蘋果動新聞 – 2009 05 22 – Pet Shop Boys新歌 被內地要求刪改

據悉《Legacy》最後成為有曲無詞的純演奏,但Neil Tennant問得好,原文為“Does the Chinese government really fear the power of a song to bring about change?”,一首歌能夠改變甚麼嗎,不會聽的從來不聽,要聽的早就早聽了,種子早就播下了。內地有關當局動輒過敏審查的小題大做,直接釀成新聞,讓本來不會聽的也會好奇起來,就讓我們一起讀讀這曲莊嚴而緩慢的《Legacy》所道的歌詞:

That’s it, the end
But you’ll get over it, my friend

Time will pass, governments fall
Glasses melt, hurricanes bawl
High speed trains, take us away
North or south… and back the same day

And you, you’ll get over it
You do, you get over it

Seasons will change, more or less
Species vanish, art perplex
Resentment remain, both east and west
Police expect… an arrest

For now, you’ll get over it
Somehow, you’ll get over it

You’ll be there, the king over the water
In despair, recoiling from the slaughter
They’re raising an army, in the North
From York Minster to the Firth of Forth
The pilgrimage of grace, you won’t believe it
Such a human face… when you receive it

And you will, get over it
With time to kill, you’ll get over it

There’s a cruiser waiting, at Scapa Flow
To take you away from all you know
The old man agonized
He really has compromised
Public opinion may not be on your side
There’s those who think they’ve been taken for a ride

You’ll get over it, I’m on your side because
You’ll get over it, and what a ride it was

Tous les artistes, dans le monde
chantent pour toi, ce soir
Tous les artistes, dans le monde
chantent pour toi, C’est noir

It’s dark, but you’ll get over it
On your mark, you’ll get over it

That car phone warehouse boy has been on the phone
He wants to upgrade the mobile you own
Have you realized your computer’s a spy?
Give him a ring, he’ll explain why

The bourgeoisie will get over it
Look at me, I’m so over it
And you, you’ll get over it
You do, you’ll get over it… in time