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WTF 之 Justin Bieber 真髮公仔

一句 What The Fuck 不知會得罪多少粉絲,但這枚 Justin Bieber 之所以比先前的假膠頭更勝一籌,是因為頭上像芭比一樣長有頭髮!剛好將整個小賈斯汀最重要的標誌出來,畢竟這個隨時搞到一頭油的髮型,總覺得只有他自己才可駕馭得到!

如果電一電,不知會不會由 Justin Bieber 變 Austin Powers 呢?Never say Never,可能大家會更中意!

當 Harris Tweed 遇上泰迪熊

Harris Tweed 是我心目中喜愛的阿公阿婆年代布料之一,最種來自蘇格蘭的毛織品單從眼看已知好有手感,今年更看到周圍有,我也從 Topman 買了細 bow 和領帶各一,當然感覺不及這幾個由日牌 nano universe 出品的泰迪熊精緻,因為兩者本身很搭檔。

source: Slamxhype – nano universe “Harris Tweed” Teddy Bears



He hasn’t got the balls to talk about HIV.

Discussing HIV status is always going to be difficult, especially if it’s with a new guy or a one-night stand, and you don’t know how he’s going to react. But if you try talking about HIV with him you may find the extra honesty and trust can make your relationship, and your sex, even better.

NHS Glasgow AIDS awareness: Shower

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They would talk about HIV status, but Ken’s got his mouth full.

You can’t tell someone’s HIV status just by looking at him, and it’s not the easiest topic to bring up, especially when you’re on the pull. But if you talk about it, you can make an informed choice about the kind of sex you want. If you don’t ask, using condoms and lube every time is the safest option.

NHS Glasgow AIDS awareness: Park

Advertising Agency: GRP, UK
Via:Ads of the World