Foodpoly? Foodopoly? Junkopoly?

"This artwork is not affiliated with, nor authorized, endorsed or licensed in any way, by Hasbro Corp, its affiliates or subsidiaries. It is a parody."

Keep changing the layout of Monopoly, from the Blogpoly to the Foodpoly. We now become so called customers from the number of visitor but still not the players in the game of Foodopoly or Foodpoly.

Facing to the fast-food culture, the monopoly of the chain-stores by the enterprises, we are walking from one street to another, from one mall to another, we choose from the fixed menu of the similar restaurants. Our eating and drinking is being controlled.

I thought of using the word “Junkopoly” as the name for the game but then it sounds a bit unfair, although some of them are actually selling so called junk food. But I want to put the focus on the theme of the monopoly game more such as advertising on acquiring and monopoly. Look at the board behind, there are so many restaurants but so few boss, some are even multi national enterprises, they are managing from the convenience stores to the supermarkets and our three meals a day, how many choices do we have actually?

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