Del Monte´s Banana

According to what the newspaper reported, the Del Monte bananas are better to be wrapped individually in plastic bag. It would make the banana stays longer before it goes totally ripen.

I think you don´t have to be a greenie to say that it is unnecessary to give a banana a second skin while the banana has it its own way to protect itself …. even though you claim the plastic bag could be recycled, it seems useless in where the place has no waste sorting.

We all know they just wanna make more money out of our pockets but can they make it sounds nicer?

Chinese Divine Song – Tan Te by Gong LinNa

Tan Te (disturbed) 《忐忑》
Gong Linna

This is the most popular Chinese folk song right now and dun ask me what does she sing about! If you do feel disturbed, thats totally normal!

Is Heather Russell the Next Justin Bieber?

Everyone says Heather Russell from Toronto is going to be the next Justin Bieber.. well but Heather Russell is 10 years old.

And she had made a great piece “She Needs Love”.

Order your Radiohead “The King Of Limbs”

What a surprise!! And what a big news!! The album “The King of Limbs” by Radiohead is going to be released on the coming Saturday (Digitally!).

Selfridges Birmingham in Beijing

A newly-completed business building in the shape of an octopus near a crossroad in Wangjing region of Beijing has attracted much attention. It looks so cyber and bizarre as a piece of modern art. But wait, does this building resemble the famous Selfridges department store in Birmingham, UK? Anyway, both outstand from other buildings around them.

The Octopus Building, the Selfridges Birmingham in Beijing?

image source: wikipedia and hong kong appledaily

Kung Fu Super Baozi VS Sushi Men

Super Baozi ( a type of Chinese steamed bread ) is created by  SHP, an independent CG animation artist who currently lives in Shenzhen, China. I can foresee that Super Baozi is going to catch huge attention and win SHP his very first fame.

One of his works called “Super Baozi VS Sushi Man” parodying  Bruce Lee’s movies shows how Baozi defeats his enemies Sushi men in the incarnation of Bruce Lee. Certainly it would be the cup of tea for young nationalists in China who share unresolved love-hate mixed feeling towards Japanese culture.