Black Sesame Haagen-Dazs Icecream

Obviously the ingredients are avilable in all all over a year, however, simply puttting a label of season limited is the magic invoked by the business talents so as to grab our mind of rushing to try something exclusive on time . In light of utterly different taste of diet, I realize I cannot have the black sesame ice cream from Haagen-Dazs in Norway or any other flavors stemming from the East , e.g. green tea, red bean ,white peach and so many. That’s why I have that grey ice cream whenever I want, no matter as breakfast, as my main course or even as an essential for every day when I was in Hong Kong this summer.

The Actual Royksopp

I feel sorry if it misleads you about the Norwegian musician party Röyksopp. I just discovered the actual Röyksopp which is mushroom cloud when i was in wood. What after is that I represent the moment of emission of curls of smoke layers by layers via video, to let you know the original meaning of Röyksopp.


Coca Cola Zero

An enormous and ubiquitous promotion of Coke Zero, the new line of Coca Cola has reached Norway eventually. Drinking Coke Light several years, I remind of the little more extra sweet of the original flavor which I almost forgot. The marketing strategy claims to be targeted specifically at male insomuch as Coke light is a more feminine product, whatever. Just similar to what Mcdonald is doing, Coca Cola is innovating little by little in trivial ways. What benefits is to stimulate the sales of the products, and so does the stock.

Horseshoe Crab

In July, during a lunch in a seafood restaurant in Sai Kung, I discovered there is a tank of few horseshoe crabs, which have blue blood. Later on, a pair of the elderly intended to buy it for brewing medical soup, to my surprise, the restaurant did not have a thought to sell them, claiming the horseshoe crabs are lack of meat, egg and so on. This prehistoric creature is only for display to catch people attention perhaps, for instance, an idle person like me standed there in attempt to make a lot of assessment of them.