The list of SuperStars by Lesile Kee

Recently, you might have read about “Super Stars by Leslie Kee”. Leslie Kee, a famous Singaporean photographer who uses “Asia is One” as the idea, spends over 2 years photographing more than 300 famous actors, actresses, singers, and athletes in various creative ways. They are mostly from Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Korea. In pertinence to the idea of “SuperStars”, Leslie also organizes exhibition tours and publishes photo albums. With all the star-powers, no wonder the Omotesando Hills’ exhibition became Japanese media’s main event recently.

The exhibition tour has finally come to Hong Kong. However, due to differences in media cultures between Japan and Hong Kong, what we can only read from Hong Kong papers are: “Stars taking off their clothes…, showing their navel hair…”, etc. Words regarding the main purpose of the event: “Charity for South Asia Tsunami Disaster Victims” are just the side-track of the news. The most disgusting or astonishing thing is that a lot of the editors have put filters on the pubic hair, making the beautiful nature of human bodies look filthy.

Talking about the photo album, “Super Stars by Leslie Kee” is sold in a deluxe limited-edition of six hundred and forty pages. Only 7000 copies and each costs a hefty 30,000 yens. The cover page featured Leslie’s idol: Matsutoya Yumi. In addition, there is “The Making of Super Stars by Leslie Kee”. A eighty-eight page publication which includes interviews. Each costs 3,500 yens.

“SuperStars” Photo Exhibition

Date: 25th of November to 3rd of December

Time: 10:00am to 6:00pm

Place: Hong Kong Design Centre, 28 Kennedy Road, Hong Kong.

Tel: 31971147

The following are just part of the 300 superstars in the album, of course including my only idol Kosuke Kitajima. Feel free to find your favourites or others. Anyone who has been missed out, I will put it back later.

Matsutoya Yumi Maki Ohguro Takako Tokiwa Ou Yang Fei Fei   Yosuke Kubozuka Kyoko Koizumi Ayumi Hamasaki Kimura Takuya Hidetoshi Nakata Ai Otsuka, Ryuichi Sakamoto Kosuke Kitajima Shidou Nakamura Koda Kumi Kyoko Hasegawa Hiroshi Fujiwara Ayaka Hirahara Amuro Namie Haruki Seto Koji Kikkawa Kumiko Goto Mika Nakashima Tadanobu Asano Hiroki Narimiya  Nanase Aikawa Yutaka Takenouchi  Noriko Sakai  Shizuka Kudo Norika Fujiwara Kaori Momoi Teppei Koike Satoshi Tsumabuki Rikiya Kurokawa  Tetsuya Kumuro & Keiko Wantz Chara Gackt  Hitomi  UA  TRF  TM Revolution Takuro My Little Lover  Chemistry Sho

Sam Lee Chan-Sam Daniel Wu Faye Wong  Edison Chen Aaron Kwok Alex Fong Miriam Yeung Andy Hui Carl Ng Carina Lau Kar-Ling Cecilia Cheung BoBo Chan Charlie Yang Dicky Cheung Duncan Chow Gigi Leung Jaycee Chan Fong Joey Yung Josie Ho Julian Cheung Chi-Lam  Karen Mok Kenny Bee Kenny Kwan Maggie Cheung Tony Leung Nicholas Tse  Sammi Cheng Sandy Lam Shawn Yue  Stephen Fung Tony Leung Ka-Fai Twins William So Yumiko Cheng Anthony Wong Terence Yin Jimmy Wong Maggie Q  Danielle Shine Deep Ng

Gong Li Tian Liang Zhang Zi-Yi Du Juan Amin Cheung Ming Zeung Guo Ziao-Dong Guo Jing-Jing Hu Jun Lu Yi Li Xiao-Lu Qu Ying Vicky Zhao Wei Xia Yu

Leehom Wang  Shu Qi Alec Su Andrew Lian Kai Chen Bo-Lin Cyndi Wang Xin-Ling Dylan Kwok Pin-Chao Ethan Ruan Jing-Tian Elva Siu Ya-Xuan Fan Wei-Qi Fan Zhi-Wei Jolin Tswi Yi-Ling Joseph Cheung Yuan-Chang Lin Chi-Ling Vivian Hsu Ruo-Zuan Hsu His-Ti Chen-Jian Zhou Kenji Wu Ke-Qun Mavis Fan Ziao-Zuan Pace Wu Pei-Ci Peter Ho Yun-Tung Law Ji Cheun Stanley Huang Li-Zing Tony Yang Yu-Ning Valen Hsu Ru-Yun Awaking Mike Ha Jun-Xiang

Stella Huang Xiang Yi Bae Yong-Joon Tony Jaa Devon Aoki Dick Lee Johnny Tri Nguyen Daniel Henney

Review of Be@rbrick Series 13

Twice every year, Bearbrick presents new series for its fans. Bearbrick Series 13 will be available on December 22nd. Died-hard collectors need to pre-order the series in The most intriguing thing of it is the never-reviewed secret items. Until then, let’s look at other items first. There SF one is Rei from the animation Evangelion, and Horror one is the movie Hostel. This time, artist, from popular “Mr. Nekomura Neko”, comic writer, Hoshi Yoriko ; and red-hot Japanese fashion label SKULL have both helped in creating the series. Animal is an elephant holding an apple. Cute is “The Little Red Riding Hood”. Flag sticks with England.

Anyway, remember to buy me the box of 24 pieces for my Christmas!


Hey, again! We can have an excuse for being extravagant by claiming hubbing the lovely nature, inspired by the slogan "iPod meets Nature". Walnut, maple, oak, cherry and so many are all able to be moulded to become iWood. This custom-made iPod case is nonetheless almost the same as the wooden card holder Ihave. I wouldn’t be enchanted this time as I even forget where my iPod is at home.

Mao and Campbell’s Soup Can

The newspaper headline two days ago was tycoon Lau Luen-hung spent US$16.5m to get the famous printing “Mao” by Andy Warhol, the best quality one out of ten pieces. Neglecting for his purpose of buying this, I just believe it is just a piece of cake to sell to other uprising tycoons in China one day,there is always someone rich enough to afford it .

Of course, there is always someone not rich enough to do so as most of us. In order to join in the fun, let’s buy the Campbell soup! I don’t mean the postcard or poster, I mean the real canned campbell soup which can be served. As hearsay Andy Warhol Foundation is going to corporate with Campbell’s Soup to release four versions of different versions of tomato soup, after the cooperation with Hysteric Glamour and Levis. Hold on, wasn’t it out in 2004 already? eBay still has stock left. Well, the point is whether you dare open the can to have a sip of it or not, even though you are willing to give the limited edition up.

Maybe it is just a mistaken rumour from SlamXHype But to be assure, Campbell and the US supermarket Kroger have been long participated the Pink Ribbon, an onrush of business opportunities which is in the name of making a donation to a breast cancer care organization to whip the sales. Then the pink version of Campbell soup is successfulluy put into shelf. It donates 35 cents per can following the upper limit, 250000 US dollars. Two millions HKD seems not a small amount, however, in regard to their predicted sales, at least seven millions cans, this amount of promotion cost is utterly cheap. And please be reminded that at least 200000 people suffering from breast cancer.

It is just an analysis of the value of Andy Warhol’s “Mao” to the price of Campbell soup. If you just think I am just making a comparison, I have to say sorry to waste your time spent on reading this article.

Having Bear in Tallinn

We have to pay 4 times in HK than in Bangkok to have the same meal. Similarly, from expensive Norway to Estonia with much lower living standard, you can pay less in Estonia to get the same thing. In our last trip, we had tasted the medieval dishes already. So, we decided to enjoy the delicacy of real French cuisine and traditional Russian food this time.

One of the special meals we had was at Troika which is a very popular Russian restaurant. I ordered a seasonal dish: stroganoff bear meat that is even more exotic than whale meat. Actually I don’t enjoy exotic animal meat, guessing it tasted like deer or elk. Just to satisfy my curiosity only with no expectation. Its texture was very tough like prosciutto ham. Fortunately it came in small portion; even cooked with lots of black pepper, served with sour cream, radish, baked apple and kraut, I still could taste the strong special smell of the meat. This special taste came from all the dead-meat this bear had before: mixtures of well-developed muscles and fat tissue. Now, I finished all but with guilt.


Perhaps I preferred normal foods. Blini is small but thick pancake which looks like mini burger. Instead of meat, we put sour cream, onion dices and smoked salmon. You could sense a mixture of all kinds of flavours in your mouth. Like eating Canapé in small bit. If you are big-spenders, you can add caviar too. Also, we ordered deep-fried fish. Unlike the British’s Fish & Chips which is always very greasy, this was lightly-battered so that we could still be able to taste the freshness of the ingredient. Among all dishes, the best one, unexpectedly, was the appetizer Pelmeni, Russian dumplings. Served in a bread-made bowl of mushroom soup. The dumplings have a stronger taste than ravioli or Chinese dumplings, and I loved very much I could eat 20 of them and still want more. Because of this, on the last day of the trip, we went to have 2 more Pelmeni, served with mustard, garlic sauce and sour cream, for lunch again. Plus, we ordered the deep-fried fish and Shchi. Shchi tasted like Borsch but with more cabbages and less meat. Sweet and spicy, good for digestion; otherwise we would not be able to finish the food.

If I have ever visited Russia in the future, despite the ever-increase in tension between races and unexpected terrorism, it would have been for the food, not for Kremlin or Moscow Underground.

Having Frog in Tallinn

People can hardly find frog as the main ingredient in Norwegian cuisine. To my surprise, I can find frog meat all over Tallinn: from fresh meat in supermarket to delicious dishes on the menu. In Mõõkkala, a seafood restaurant, I ordered a pan-fried frog legs appetizer. Don’t laugh, it really looked like a pair of man’s muscular legs. It tasted like chicken with the texture in between chicken breast and thigh. However, I think the congee with frog meat would be the best way to have it. The frog meat was much tender and juicier. Main course is the restaurant’s special, grilled swordfish. Presentation is wonderful: like a Baked Alaska, the fillet was covered with a fluffy egg-white. However, this still could not compensate for the dryness of the fish. To my surprise, the french fries are so crispy that I ate them all.

Here in supermarkets, we could find lots of items. Most of them were well-known brands from oversea. I tried to checkout some local products; and the packages were similar to those foreign ones. This reminds me of the situation within EU: Globalization, not only has mono-toned our daily lives; but also our values in style, taste, etc. Tallinn’s trendy restaurants, like other in Paris, Hong Kong, and Stockholm, have the same design and atmosphere, using similar utensils and presentations. Rack of Lamb must stand tall, flounder in the curve-shaped, garnishes are of similar varieties too. Feel like dining in from one fast food restaurant to another. Hope this is only a trend: one that cannot be missed out in Norway or Estonia.

Clone Your Own Penis

Clone your own one, or anyone willing to be cloned by you. No matter huge or tiny, long or short, straight or curved, cut or uncut, it is a good gift for your friends or a good toy for yourself. What flavors do you prefer? Original flavor? Chocolate? Or Lumilous appearence? The method of production is simple enough as the picture shown below, as just insert, put out and then pour in and finally unpack. Do you equip with a giant stuff? My birthday is in next month, December.

Clone A Willy

Too Young To Die

A jingle can either be said loud or whispered in one’s heart. Mastermind, a Japanese trend-setting new comer, is definitely the latter. By putting the phrase “Too Fast to Live, Too Young To Die” on a 1000% Bearbrick , it becomes a red-hot item in the market. If I had space in the luggage back in HK, I will bring one home as a lucky charm.

In Hong Kong, I bought this 2-in-1 necklace from Vivienne Westwood’s Store. It can be a necklace or be separated into 2 bracelets. To me, the necklace looks like a dog leash; so I’d rather put them on my wrist. Not my style to display a message on my neck. I am just shy.

And right now, Vivienne Westwood, the Queen is in Hong Kong.

Acapulco Gold

Acapulco Gold which is operated by two veteran designers from Supreme is a label well-known for making ironic parodies of big brand names. The T-shirts of first round are Louis Vuitton, Channel and A Bathing Ape aiming at taunting the cuture of loud and big logo are sold out shortly. The new targets are sound too. The originally friendly teddy bear has been made up to become Lo Lifes Bear with fierce face and “Nigo Never Smiles” is humorous as well.

By the way, the fabric of the tee from Acapulco Gold is genuinely of high quality. My five tees from Acapulco Gold are still in good shape even though i have worn them for the whole summer.

Louis Vuitton , Jack Spade , New Era

The debut of the conceptual pouch in the Louis Vuitton Fashion Show previously is controversial enough to have widespread comments, no wonder it is because it is almost the same as the “Red White and Blue” bag costing for just around ten dollars in Hong Kong. Notwithstanding the same checked pattern is ubiquitous in Hong Kong, European and American fashion is still enchanted by it. The new pilgrim is Jack Spade who has engaged “Red White and Blue” earlier than Marc Jacobs. After the project with Chinatown Collection, he cooperates with New Era to invent this Baseball Cap. Can you bear it?

Via: Complex