Brad Pitt on Vanity Fair

Skimming over the headline of tidbit, ” Brad Pitt’s furious over his hot and wet photo becomes cover art” from “Apple Daily”, I burn with curiosity by this headline, though I know “hot and wet” is exaggerated, I still wanna have a look how “Hot and Wet” Brad Pitt can be. However, no photo is provided in the newspaper so that I have to find out in Google. Oh my good grief, what makes this cover of December’s “Vanity Fair” become a big deal? Anyway, those photos captured from the short film by the avant-garde director Robert Wilson are appealing enough. You have to realize, Pitt meets the standard well already, the standard for a man of fourty-three. Why have to be angry? Besides, his totally naked photo is widespread in the net for ages.

Still and all, the cover has been exposed already. For a celebrity, bad news is better than no news.