Dickorations , the dick’s new suit

It is the dick’s new suit, not a condom, but related to condom. The new gimmick of Durex sheerly for fun in bed is designed for your or his penis to be adorned with own taliored suit. Dickorations inspired by the game from childhood, Paper Doll release its first series including tuxedo, doctors’ robe, jean wear and so on. Download directly and then print out to put it on the dick, either erect or soft. Well, play it as foreplay.

Blog Poster

or Blogger poster, up to you. If you like Blogging and fancy Pixel Art in the same time like me, you must buy the hottest New FooBar Poster from eboy and then stick it at your home. Merely spending on finding out how many segments are closely bound up to your haunted internet is entertaining enough, Technorati, del.icio.us, Last.fm, Digg, AdBrite and so many are all the most trendy items.


Craving Designers Chair

If you have enough budget to buy, you don’t have enough space to place these designer chairs. Even though you have space to place, the space is not neccessarily grand enough to fit them. It is just another mixture of the vintage and futuristic extravagance which is presented in the series of “James Bond” motion picture. An Extraordinarily evil chair, Villain Chair £3600 please, cheers.

To be more practical, the witty businessmen target at miniature model costing little because they understood precisely we have strong desire for pursuing goody but unfortunately without a fortune. Oh well, the series of Designers Chair from reacJAPAN already released their forth series, these are my choices:

Yuen Long Bus Stop

Some places I have never been always seem to have visited before. Undoubtedly It is an idle bus stop, but I do recall clearly the long queue at the peak hours in the morning and in the afternoon everyday, no matter when it is a sunny day or rainy day. How many people passing by there everyday have already passed away? Nothing less than the place is left alone, I hope. That’s enough, more than enough already.