Chocolate French Fries

There is a new hit snack: Choco Frites has been showed in ISM in Cologne, the largest and most important sweets and biscuits fair in the world this year. The Choco Frites is from Belgium and it is a chocalate of course, filled with hazelnut paste and shaped into French Fries look-a-likes. However, remember not to eat too much of it. I think it is even heavier than real fries.

Piglet with a Smile

Seems kind of crude; however, pigs always look like they are smiling, even this roaster we ordered before the New Year Eve. It costs about 1000 Norwegian krone, imported from Spain and came with the full set of internal organs. Without a coal skewer, we could only season with salt and pepper and broiled it for two hours. Of course, the skin would never be crispy, but the texture was very tender and juicy, like it would melt in your mouth. I now know how a piglet tastes.

PSP goes Bling!

I remember I have a white PSP about one years ago and I was playing the only PSP game I have all days: Me & My Katamari. After finishing the game, I no longer see the console again. Recently, I saw the news that Sony is selling a new golden colour version next month in Japan; and I remember my good old white one. Several years ago, all trendy items are in white, now everything is Bling Bling; maybe the next trend is “Glow in the Dark”. No matter what, nowadays, we are only crazy for WII, no time for the golden PSP.

via: Mobile Magazine

Mega Mac Japan!

A regular hamburger from McDonald is enough for me. And I can barely finish a Big Mac.  Remember, more than ten years ago, I saw a McDonald poster promoting Triple Burger in London.  I felt like to vomit when looking at the poster from a distance.  After marketing Mega Mac in Canada, Ireland, and China for some times, McDonald finally introduces Mega Mac to Japan.  Moreover, McDonald markets the Japanese version as a seasonal limitation with four patties.  Regardless how delicious the burger looks like in the photo, I don’t want to try it.  It is because of the real picture of 754 calories per Mega Mac that makes people lose all the appetites.   I prefer to have a Whopper from Burger King, McDonald’s rival, instead.

Evian Glacier Special Edition

There are always some brands who are fixing their place in selling taste are able to embellish bottles elaborately as fine products. The showpiece in Vodka must be Absolut Vodka, on the other hand Evian must be the best demonstration for mineral water. The limited version of year is showing up again. From the relief sculpture ten years ago til the giant tear drop of millennium to the design of snow ridge, everytime the roof cover is rennovated but the bottle stays unchanged. This time the Evian bottle given a coronation is outstandingly bling bling. That it outweighs most of the design of perfumes is also more expensive, speculating above a thousand. The points for sale I only know are the trendy boutique in Paris, colette or your haunted eBay . How about the Sogo and city’super in Hong Kong? Why would I know.

.Evian Glacier 2007
Evian Year Bottle Gallery