The bizzare new single “Promise” from Cocorosie

My favourite grotesque but gorgeous duo, CocoRosie, aka Casady sisters is going to release their third album “The Adventures of Ghosthorse & Stillborn” in April. The first single, “Promise” is upholding their soft murmur singing skill presenting an attractively bizzare aura. And meanwhile the elements of the frequent electronic sound effects and instrumental Hip-Hop from the previous album, “Noah’s Ark” can still be found. I am indulging it.

Listen via Touch & Go

Oscar’s Animated Short Film: The Danish Poet

The 79th Academy Award has just been over. Who won, who lost, I don’t really worry about as I don’t have the great passion towards movie as I had in the past. If the winner is from Nordic countries, I will take a closer look. This year’s animated short film winner is “The Danish Poet”,a co-work of Norwegian and Canadian production companies. Without the help of computers, director Torill Kove used traditional method to produce this 15minute film about a young Danish poet, Kasper, who went to Norway to visit Nobel Literature Prize winner Sigrid Undset for inspiration and fell in love with other’s wife.


video source : ifilm, director: Torill Kove

trailer: Aftenposten TV

Female Terracotta Warriors

Some are pregnant, with children, handicapped with one arm, walk with artificial limbs. These are real-size replica of terracotta of China. Daughter of Norwegian famous ethnographer and adventurer : Thor Heyerdahl, Marian Heyerdahl uses an artistic way to look at another way of adventure in life. She uses these replicas to represent the same horrible impact wars have on women. Some screams, some scares, and some even are suicide bombers. There are 70 pieces in total. You can find them in Beijing’s 798 Space for exhibition.

"Norwegian female artist Marian Heyerdahl, utilizing her unique artistic vocabulary, recontextualizes the Terra-cotta Warriors by duplicating the Terra-cotta Warriors in their original scale, while inverting their gender from male to female. She doesn’t at all utilize her Western aesthetic ideology to transform this Chinese symbol in order to satisfy consumer culture; her work is not simply a replacement or a consumption of the local culture. Rather, her work depicts an in-depth exploration in an innovative manner. Her work also carries on conversations with Chinese culture on an equal level."

text by Wang BaoJu

Kubrick x Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

Love Bearbrick, hate Kubrick; Love cartoon, hate Disney. But there is always an exception. Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, a 20’s black and white cartoon ancestor, has returned to Disney. Recently, Disney has bought back the license just in time to celebrate its 80th birthday. Lots of companies are ready to market their licensed products, including Medicom Toy. This Oswald Kubrick will be on sales on June 1st, along with Mickey Mouse Kubrick.

Master Plan- About the Power of Google

Every now and then, you will see some short films like these: “Google is Watching You”, “Google as Big Brother”. The latest one is from German’s “Master Plan – About the Power of Google”. Not much new ideas, but the cinematography and sound editing are superb. It makes you to re-think about. That’s why I still have concern when I found out about Netvibes despite its convenience to use.

“Master Plan- About the Power of Google”Official website, includes the short firm introduction and different kinds of download formats.

The Little Match-Lamp Girl

Everyone has heard of the fairy tale “The Little Match Girl”. In the real world, similar situation happened in department stores. The little girl becomes sales lady; and the match transforms into a match lamp. The pole is either black or wood in colour and the match head is either in red or white. Match Light, which stands 1 and ½ metre tall, is created by Chiyut Plypetch. Maybe you find him unfamiliar, but if we mention the famous creative Thai brand: Propaganda,you will get an idea.

Candy Lego – Candy Blox

Ice cubes, pendant, computer, external hard-drive, what else can Lego become? It must be candy, Candy Blox.With enough pieces, you can even build the candy house from fairy tales. Even if you are not a candy-lover, you can still have fun with these. Besides Candy Blox, there also is Bubble Blox too.

OhMiBod! You turn it on, it turns you on!

Following the music, dances, vibrates, even rocks.OhMiBodis a vibrator which, when connects to an iPod, will follow the rhythm and vibrate. No one can foresee the great impact an iPod can have all over the world. Even a vibrator, when links with ipod, can become so stylish and not nasty. You can even put it in your handbag without any embarrassment. What kind of music will you use?

Video by SoftParis

Norwegian Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day in Norway is not on the same day as the most countries in the world. It is on the second Sunday of February. Fortunately, it’s not so commericalized too. We only bought a small cake to celebrate.