A Picture A Day – Noah’s self-portraits in 6 years

The First Youtube Annual Video Awards has just ended. Although the below video “Noah takes a photo of himself every day for 6 years”, also known as “Everyday”, has lost in the “Most Creative” category, his six years’ effort of taking 2356 photos and putting into a 5-minutes video has created a very memorable one. Emptied but yet determined eyes, day after day via a camera, have been starring at five million viewers already. The background music is from a New York composer, Carly Comando: a non-title piano piece which has proved the important of music. Like magic, like Philip Glass in the movie “The Hour”.


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The Swedish sound, Loney, Dear – Loney, Noir

Loney, Noir | Loney, Dear

Sub Pop


Emil Svanängen,aka Loney, Dear is a Swedish indie song-writer. “Loney, Noir” which is the self-release from 2005 has been reissued by a label from Seattle, Sub Pop. It is of the quality of Chamber Pop which is juicy and chipper. Those acoustic folk songs are not only breezy, but they are also embellished by vivid but harmonious instruments, namely clarinet, flute, horn, or even human clapping hands and whistling which are functioning as the cream being added to the cake layer by layer. And meanwhile the adornment doesn’t mask the cheerful high-pitched vocal which is the most outstanding and unique element of the album. If you are into the usual Swedish Indie Pop, or the earlier stage of Belle and Sebastian,then you will probably love this “Loney, Noir” which nonetheless hits off at more upbeat tempo and at some points are being quirky, like the following single “I am John”, which has the music video made of charcoal drawing directed by Andreas Nilsson.

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Fish Maw Jelly

One must be a fish maw addict to create fish maw jello. Firstly, boil fish maws with crystal sugar, then let it cool down. Secondly, add dried longan and dried Chinese wolfberry into it; and freeze it until becomes jello.This is what my friend told me. And I am an absolute fish maw addict. I have fish maw soup, and fish maw steak. Then, to have healthy skin, I have a bowl of fish maw jello as dessert.

One Spore, One World

From Simcity to The Sims, ruling a whole city back to controlling an individual life; then there is a community-based online game called The Sims Online. And several years later, everybody is talking about The Second Life, a virtual world online game. Seeing there is a saturation of this market sector, game company, EA, has diverted its new game into new direction. “SPORE” a new online game that is beyond the boundary of individual and community; from a tiny molecule, through the evolution of civilization, to the whole universe.

Our role is to be Gods. We create lives. Through the survival of fittest, lives evolve and become capable of interacting with each other. Later, we help them to organize community: from a small tribe, to a city, to a large country. We lead them to civilization, to exploration of the Universe. We can make contact, colonize or even conquer new planets, via cooperating with or warring against other players in these planets. Our wish to be God, to rule and get control has been granted.

But are we really Gods? Personally, buying SPORE with very bad character designs, and paying monthly online fee to act as so-called “God”, I can tell that the real world could also be a “One Spore-One World” game. We are those creatures in this game, being “played” by “other users”.

Pocket Symphony, pocket size meditation music by Air

Pocket Symphony | Air


Score: 69

Ten years, Air has been accompanying us for ten years. When Philippe, one of my french friend, has quit listening to them in the period of “Moon Safari” and “10,000 Hz Legend”, my endearment for Air has sustained until this “Pocket Symphony”. It is with no doubt that “Pocket Symphony” is back to the profound quality of the context of film and thickness of romance, meanwhile we got Jarvis Jocker in “One Hell of a Party” and Neil Hannon in “Somewhere Between Waking and Sleeping”. What’s more, the Eastern music element has infiltrated through the music in which the delicate arrangement of Japanese Koto and Sanshin sound brightly. Nowithstanding all of the above, my heart could not be impacted anyway. “Pocket Symphony” is tacitly like a pocket size of symphony in which everything is precise and light for being digested instantly. However, the taste, is just so-so, which can be just categorized as ordinary meditation music.

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Actually, are you really fat?


Nowadays, everyone want to lose weigh, in Hong Kong particularly. In every tabloid, you can see articles creating scenes that celebrities who have gained ½ inches on the waist or arms have committed a serious crime/guild. My friend, who is a 5’7” tall man, wants to lose 20 pounds to be 117 pounds. Could it be too skinny? To show the world about the misconception that bony is the beauty, Anorexi Bulimi Kontakt a Swedish anorexic-concern group, advertises the below to raise awareness on the issue visually. Two extreme body-types, one fat and one skinny, on the opposite side of the mirror; displace a strong message about the seriousness of being too skinny.

source: Little Snow-white and the Mirror Issue

Condom Applicator

For Usual behaviours, responsibility is a must; For Sexual behaviors, responisbility has no excuse to be neglected. For the sake of preventing AIDS spreading out or promoting the usage of condom, a South African, Willem van Rensburg has invented a Condom Applicator for us which is released by Pronto. This Condom Applicator can let you plug in swiftly, just in a wink in which you are now free from the burdon of using teeth to tear or the risk of cutting off your fingers, or worse still, awkward chaos by those amateurs.

via Gizmodo, "Most Beautiful Object in South Africa" A Condom Applicator?"

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One Dollar Ring

Besides flip tabs, the most common material to be used to make a ring when I was a kid is bank notes. It was very fun. Saw this in Bijules NYC website. Only a USD 1 bank note plus a crystal, with a layer of protective material; and its value will become sky-rocking high. And there are fools in this world, like me, who would buy one.

Pelle Carlberg new single “I Love You You Imbecile” Download

The Swedish singer-songwriter,Pelle Carlbergwho is pretty popular in Hong Kong is going to release his second solo album “In a Nutshell” on 28 March. The initial breezy single “I Love You You Imbecile” which is a duet with the Norwegian singer, Ida Maria is now available for Labrador download in Labrador.

Another Artwork stolen in Norway

After recovering “Scream”, there is another artwork being stolen from Oslo, Norway. This time, the thief no need to sell the artwork in the black-market for money. This is because the artwork is really made of real money. “Relative Value”, the artwork made of only 100 Norwegian Krone notes putting together in a frame. This kind of conceptual arts, I prefer to call it Silly Art, does not need lots of skills; and easy to duplicate. Remember when I was in London, I have made a sculpture with just pennies. Too bad, it fell apart on the way to school in the tube. I’d wonder how much this artwork which consists of 100,000 Norwegian Krone notes is worth.

Relative Value, 2007 by Jan Christensen

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Content of money picture stolen, leaving the frame behind

Not everyone knows how to appreciate arts. However, there is a Norwegian arts, even though a thief may not appreciate its artistic value, he will definitely “appreciate” its actual one; because it is made of real bank notes. An artist named Jan Christensen used 100,000 worth of Norwegian Krone (about 127,000 HKD) bank notes. This attracts a thief to steal the money.

This money picture, Relative Value, was stolen from Oslo’s MGM Gallery. The owner believed the thief broke the window of the gallery between last Saturday night and early Sunday morning; and stole all the notes, leaving an 2 metre x 4 metre empty frame.

Artist: the work has a buyer

Jan Christensen said the original idea behind which he created this work with his own money was to inspire the public to talk about value of arts, capitalism and the way the arts world function. It has a buyer already. Although it has been stolen, Jan doesn’t feel sad. On the other hand, Jan believes the incident is quite interesting because he created something which interest people outside the gallery; and eventually “his work” will “circulate” in the market very soon. Jan also believe the thief is an art lover too.