Amiina – Quartet of Icelandic babies whale, “KURR”

Kurr | Amiina

Blaskjar Records


If you have been to the "Takk" tour of Sigur Rós, you should have seen the performance of the supporting act, Amiina. Amiina which is from Iceland is, however, not as breathtaking and world-shaking as the Icelandic Sigur Rós and Múm. On the contrary, this Quartet formed by four ladies represents a subtle and delicate clarity of Icelandic Music.

This debut album is all in all of the same minimal style as AnimaminA and Seoul have. The Icelandic title "Kurr" means greeting from little animals. No matter what the animals are baby whale ,baby dolphin or little bird kitten puppy, the music from "Kurr" is absolutely the intact sound made by Amiina which is of the quality of minimalism, pureness and shyness brewing from the innermost wood and the corner of a sleeping room. That Piano as the backbone is being adorned by tiny fragmented electronic sound and those light percussions which feel like rain, snow or ice falling.whatever is weaving a childlike dreamworld. The music fetches both of the verve of tranquillity and the catchy melody line of Pop Music. The whole album is twelve paragraphs which can be regarded and digested as an entity. A lullaby for afternoon or midnight helps recalling the blurred memories of childhood. The lack of fluctuation of emotion, nonetheless, makes me realize the zest of calmness.

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The leaky balloon, Brett Anderson

Brett Anderson | Brett Anderson

Drowned in Sound

Score: 60

Brett Anderson is already aging that applies to both his music and his heart. It is just similar to a leaky balloon which is losing its plumpness and elasticity unconsciously. I don’t know how long does it take to be able to dIfferentiate this Brett Anderson self-titled album from the Tears at reunion with Bernard Butler as well as the Golden era of Suede. The performance of the vocal and the Timbre and arrangement of guitars are all in situ as if the same autograph never changes. But what good grief is the unchanged ingredients are being added water so that the quality is being blurred. Of course "Dust and Rain"and "Intimacy" don’t own the quality of being wildly charming which belongs to the earlier Suede. Worse still, from a commercial standpoint, they cannot grip the pleasant dance-beat and the mellow melanchony from "Coming Up" and "Head Music". Still even the outstanding "Scorpio Rising" or "Ebony"are only the phonies of "Saturday Night".

The whole album which contains mainly Love Ballaad more or less is the extention of the single "Love Is Dead". The application of String is suprisingly loud. The enchantment of melanchony is aptly tuned as if a Superstar gets back to the music scene from ages for comforting the mutually aging fans, the fans of Suede only. It is with no doubt that it merely makes us to recap the lovely Suede from ten years ago. Well, the saddest thing is that album was ranked by Pitchfork at the bottom 2.9.

My Choice: The More We Possess The Less We Own Course

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