Youtube Remixer, Youtube Mobile and Twitter Clone

Youtube Remixer

Since Yahoo¡¦s takeover of Jumpcut which let users to edit clips and add subtitles, YouTube recently introduce similar function called Youtube Remixer. Nice interface with the support of Adobe, this is a good news for those with overwhelming imaginations to create funny clips or plank-videos easily now.

YouTube Mobile

You can take movie with a mobile phone, and also view movie too. Brand-new YouTube Mobile allows mobile-phone users to view some of YouTube¡¦s clips which are in 3gp format any time now, as long as they have time, and enough money for the phone bill.

Buboo.Twitter Clone from Taiwan

For Buboo, same as Komoo or ByUU, there is no need to know its meaning, as long as you understand the former one is a Taiwanese clone for Twitter while the latter two are from Mainland China. They all provide spaces for people to share whatever they want to their friends instantly in the internet. Despite to get into the market fast, one also needs to find a tele-communication partner to make money with SMS sendings.

littleoslo’s web chopsuey issue 1

Oslo’s “short-legged” Summer

It is very strange that this year’s April is so warm but May is record-breaking cold. Early June, heat wave comes and everybody dress light to welcome the Sun. Suddenly now the temperature has dropped to the 10 degree and has become quite chilly. The best thing is I can still wear my brand new zip-up. The picture is taken from a high-angle, therefore my legs look few inches shorter. Haha, walking to the nearby hillside or valley: Look! This is Oslo’s Summer, a “short-legged” Summer.

The Taste of Mango

Brazilian mangoes are big but tasteless and tough, Thai mangoes are firm and sour. Therefore, I’d rather wait for the beginning of Summer when I can but boxes of Pakistan mangoes which are sweet and juicy. For about 100 Krone, there are about 7 to 8 pieces. I like to cut it into small pieces and eat with curry; or blend with cream to make fruit tart, cake, pudding, ice-cream, etc.

I have dreamt about fruit trees, every now and then, growing on Hong Kong street: leechi, pineapple, apple, etc.  Always crave for those when wake up.  Until recently, I rent a blog about mango tree on Hong Kong street; my dreams are real!  Then I talk to my friends and they all say they have seen fruit trees everywhere on Hong Kong, Kowloon, and the New Territories.  If you know any, please let me know.

A Beautifully Ugly Dolly Dearest

Stussy, together with Medicom, introduces this Dolly Dearest figure, based on the thriller: Dolly Dearest. Each one is six inches tall and there are six different colors to choose: black, white, blue, orange, green, and purple. Each costs USD 20.00. Also, Kubrick has two sets too. Each set consists of 3 pieces and sells for USD 20.00 too. It¡¦s up to you to get the big or the small version. You can find both in Stussy Direct Customade.

Little little Panda

Panda is cuddling, if no one use it in a political way.  Can¡¦t believe a new-born panda is even more cute too.  Looking at a series of pictures showing the growing-up of a panda: from as little as a palm, a hairless pinkish creature, then gradually growing the black and white fur, and finally become a little panda.  It is amazing! Hey, what do you want to call it? 

source : From Baby Panda to Adult Panda