Chalk Graffiti – Kid Style

Always happy to see kids use chalk to draw freely on the ground. Cannot believe what was done in the past is still going on nowadays. Let’s keep it going, let’s keep drawing: using chalk only. Although I have a positive attitude towards the arts of graffiti, it is sad to see too many meaningless, spray-painted ones in the city. They just like ringworm scabies, which are difficult to get rid of, on the walls and wooden doors. You can say I lack of the rebellious spirit of graffiti culture. However, not everyone would appreciate even it is the most beautiful tattoo on earth.

Playing with dogs in Norwegian Woods

In general, people of mixed races are considered beautiful, but not for dogs. When animal-breeding becomes one of the profitable businesses in the world, more and more non-pure-breed animals have been "given" to animal shelters. One by one staying in outside cages, waiting. When there are visitors, they just run to greed them desperately, hoping the visitors will bring them home.

If visitors find one they like, they can take the dogs for a walk in the nearby forest to see whether they like each other. Today, we pick two brothers for a trial.


music source: Aus .【Curveland】,2007,track: Lied

Louis Vuitton iPhone Cases

It is an expensive phone, but the case costs much more than it. LV has made a case, specially for iPhone, which will debut in LV’s New York Flagship Store first and then will be on sale nationwide. Monogram style, the cheapest one, costs USD 225.00; whereas with Alligator Skin, the most luxurious, has a price-tag of USD 1,120.00. Let’s see which celebrity will be on headline with the case first; then Milan Station, second-hand store in Hong Kong.

via: CrunchGear

Donut The Simpsons Movie’s Soundtrack

After spending twenty years and more than 400 episodes with us, The Simpsons finally invades the big screen this Summer. It is a must-seen movie for me this year, not to mention the must-own limited edition soundtrack which is wrapped in a donut-shaped case, a Springfield’s signature product.

WoodWood x MHI Tee

WoodWood is an uprising brand from Denmark. Recently it has a crossover project with Maharishi’s MHI line. The “hand” design on the tee remind me of Bubi’s Treeson. Bad news is MHI does not use a better quality tees for this project. In addition, it consigns to well-known over-priced store Sold Out which marks the tee for 65 Euro a piece. Too Expensive!

The magical DIY Drinking Strawz

Look like recent trendy flavour-changing straw. Through the straw, we can add different flavours like strawberry, banana, or chocolate. Look closely, it is a totally different thing called “DIY Drinking Strawz”. More creative and fun. We can use it as a party game. For example, using juice, beer, vodka, soda, even soy sauce to mix some creative cocktails.

In fact, Yahoo Pipes, an interactive data aggregator and manipulator that lets you mashup your favorite online data sources, should consider using this for advertising, letting internet dummy, like me, can understand it better.

source: ThinkGeek

The #1 Song When You Were Born

Several years ago, there was a site of which you entered your birth date, you could find out the weather on that day. Now, in This Day in Music, when you enter your birth date, you will immediately know the top songs in UK, US, and Australia pop charts. Simple idea but attractive enough for you to use it.  Another site everyHit not only provides information about the songs/albums; but also shows you the list of artists who share the same birth date with you.

From Flickr to Virgin Mobile

What will you do when you find yourself in an advertisement or commercial all over the places without knowing before?

It happens in Virgin Mobile’s new Australian advertisement. It uses lots of pictures from Flickr with its own message on them. Because of CCBY 2.0 License, Virgin Mobile has no obligation to notify the pictures’ creators or owners. All Virgin Mobile needs to do is to displace the Flickr correspondent web-address at the lower left hand corner of each advertisement. Under the license, these can be used for commercials or redesigns. In this series of advertisement, one is being flipped over and has the Adidas logo on the cap being erased. However, the main problem is the person in the pictures.

These people do not have any obligation to be your models free of charge; plus being phrased like “Dump Your Pen Friend” or other irritating ones. Besides copyright, there is also confidentiality. Here, we are talking about a Model Release. As a publisher of the advertisement, Virgin Mobile needs the consents of these people in the form of a Model Release.

One of them has hired an attorney to deal with Virgin Mobile. There is no further information yet. This give me some thoughts. We need to carefully choose the right Creative Commons Deed. In my case, I have picked “Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5”. No bother.

Read more: Virgin Mobile advertising campaign using Flickr photos

A little bit of Brutalism

To bring new design to old building is always a thankless job. It easily falls into sole innovation which people just despise. That’s why every time I pass by there, I would stop to gaze at the striking building. The texture of brick and geometrical figures form the architecture of Brutalism, the beauty of rigorous cruelty.

Google mp3

I have read a report about “Hacker teaches illegal download Mp3 using Google”. Actually, it is about a video clip in YouTube about a 21 years old boy, named Jimmy Ruska, shows people how to locate lots of music or movie files by using special commands on Google’s search engine. Not new at all. Compared to Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China’s web surfers, this method is too complicated. Many people have given up using BT. They’d rather use one-click hosters which are file-sharing sites like Rapidshare, Megaupload, etc. to download directly. Or go to BaiduMp3 to find whatever you want. You can almost always find your desired Mp3.

I have once thought of organizing my experiences and put up a directory of find Mp3. After thinking thoroughly, I have decided to give up becuase I do not want to be labeled as encouraging illegal music downloads. After all, I still enjoy buying CDs. To me, I would like to have more and easier opportunities to sampling music first before buying. Copyright is one issue, consumers’ right is another. I just have bought too many bad CDs before.