The collage of Bush’s portrait of pornographies

If you pass by the Soho in London, please don’t overlook the latest work from the british artist, Jonathan Yeo which is the portrait of George W. Bush made of over one hundred pornographies. That the face of our lordly president becomes erotic with close-ups of sexual organs is  obscene, filthy  and  vulgar,  nonetheless,  it is very suitable.

Bush 2007 by Jonathan Yeo

Lazarides gallery, 8 Greek Street, London W1, August 2007

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McDonald’s Norwegian Salmon Wrap

In 1997, McDonald in Norway has once released a Salmon burger called McLaks for a while. After ten years, the new product utilizing salmon again finally comes in the name of Laksewrap (salmon wrap in Norwegian). The TV commercial plays with clanging of the words “wrap” and “rap”, but I like the design of the poster much better. The design of that laksewraps leap over the sea in the resemblance of live salmons is far more attractive than the real ones in front of me.

Mexican tortilla as the wrap with one piece of deep-fried crispy fish fillet, the spotlight is the salmon bought from Hitra the famous  fish-farm  in Norway. Inside the wrap, salad and a tiny piece of Mango are covered by honey or wasabi dressing. It is really tasty. Comparing to hamburger, it is lighter and more refreshing, and an extra satisfaction of fullness can be gained comparing to solely salad. What is important is that the price is not expensive at all, only 35 NOK with one drink, around 6 usd, which is just the half-price of the Hamburger set meal.

A sudden thought, if the Norwegian pitta Lompe made of potato replaces Tortilla, the laksewrap will be much more indigenous. The eatting habit of Norwegian, however, is conserative all along. Well, keep using Lompe to wrap the pølse ( a Norwegian word for sausage ) is still fine.

LV Child and iNeed

Combining LV’s glamourous image with third world countries’ starvation, or iPod’s materialism with street kids, we bring new meanings to these two old images. The power of Arts can be much more powerful than the power of words, once you can feel it.

LV Child by Beejoir

iNeed by Mantis

source: Souled Out Studios

Joanna Krupa in Hong Kong

The super model, Joanna Krupa, has been chosen to be the most beautiful woman in the world by several magazines, has shot another campaign for PETA, using the same slogan: “I’d Rather Go Naked than Wear Fur.” This time the backdrop is Hong Kong night scene. However, I really want to know: why is the design so poor-taste and ugly as a nightclub promotion?