Anorexia, the Sickness of Beauty

The Italian fashion brand NO.l.ita has just published a commercial print about Anorexia.  For a newspaper in Hong Kong, like Apple Daily, making mosaic on an alright photo is the usual treatment to ircumvent provoking the uncomfortable feeling to readers. They treat all the materials associating obscenity and eroticism with the stubborn handling of counting the “points” such as "tits" of a body is the obviously the defence of getting rid of infringing the regulation under “the Control of Obscene and Indecent Articles Ordinance”. My good grief!

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Happy Birthday! Kosuke Kitajima

Not long ago I saw the ceramics from frog  series  representing  the fortune  and  happiness in the display window of Royal Copenhagen in Copenhagen. It would be blessed if I can pass two of them to Kosuke Kitajima as present for his 25 years old birthday,which is 22 of September, today. Thus I bought them home.

Hope for his success in Beijing Olympics next year in advance, keep it up, Kosuke.

Tom Ford for Men

5 years ago, Tom Ford of YSL introduced a cologne, M7, with a poster showing a full-frontal-naked male model. 5 years later, Tom Ford debuts his new creation: “Tom Ford For Men” with posters using close-ups of female bodies. In one poster, the bottle, which acts like a penis, is put in between the two gigantic breasts of a female model with her mouth widely open. Another one shows the bottle in between the thighs of a female, covering her private part. In order to cause public interest, Tom Ford will test our bottom line again. And I don’t mind writing about it at all. Afterall, we’d rather to see a rippling pond than a dead sea.

The First Fragrance For Men From Tom Ford

source: Javno – LifestyleAdrants

aussieBum! The Property for the patriots in Taiwan

After the world-famous hit “Wonderjock” from last year, aussieBum, the Australian big brand in swimsuits releases a new series called “the series of patriot” based on the design of “Wonderjock“. The words of “Property of…” are embroidered sharply, namely Japan, Holland, Denmark, France, Canada, and last but not least, Taiwan which is controversial enough that the words “property of…” in Chinese are written in the pattern bearing resemblance to “Blue Sky with a White Sun”. The product shots are already amazing enough, so please don’t miss out the video featuring a demonstration by models.

Norwegian Beetles

It is not very cold during August in Norway, but still cockroaches cannot survive in this weather; at least I have not seen any in these few years. Instead, I can find all kinds of little beetles: green, golden, red, polka dots, or stripes, clumsily flying around. Very often, I have to put them back to the bushes myself. All insects, please forgive my brutal behaviour when I was a little kid. I did not understand that I had no right to determine your faiths and lives.