Prank design, Pervert logo

There are logos which are worse than the originals. However, the following logos need to be changed. They not only cannot bring up the original messages, but also cause people to think of something naughty.

Pediatric Center, Dental Office, Chiropractic Office

Computer Repair Service, Italian Fashion Label: A-Style, Hot Dog Stand

Oriental Language Learning Institute, Kids Exchange

source: Coolz0r – Marketing Thoughts

Designs for plug to show

With only a bit creativity, we can ameliorate idle plug connectors which become the focus of entire room. The following designs of different virtue are once plugged and show.

Plug & Play Furniture

This not only a sidetable  but a light designed by  the  student  of  Hongik University  in Korea, Hwang Sung Pil is one of the  iF Concept Award Product in 2007.

Essentials Universal Connections

Another conceptual product is USB spigot from Germany. It’s fine to treat it as a statue in the light of the weird  connection  amongst  all  the  components.


Don’t simply misunderstand it as an electronic product of virtual flame, Kerzenhaltding is the german word for “Candle Holder” which cannot be ignited by connecting to electricity but needs to be lit by fire instead.

The Arcade Fire’s Interactive 《Neon Bible》MV

I am lack of patience to watch an entire Music Video in most of the time, “Neon Bible” by The Arcade Fire for me is, however, an exception. An interactive MV with simple but delicate wits is far more concise than the original Glowing Edges. Mouse Motion and Mouse clicking trigger the morphing of pictures adapting to the mythical aura of the song, so amazing.

The Arcade Fire Click Around

Size does matter or not?

Durex XXL ad: Really BIG via Blog about advertising

Talk about intimidation via Across-the-Board

Sony Bravia’s Commerical series – Colourful Rabbits in New York and the Shame

Following the unforgettable commercials "Balls" and " Paint" . Sony Bravia’s third one of the series is called " Play-Doh",Forty cartoon-illustrators transform 2.5 tons of play-doh into thousands of colourful cute rabbits, running all over New York City. Just like a famous game "Katamari Damacy" all the rabbits later mix together and become bigger and bigger. It first becomes a whale, then a hugh rabbit. With The Rolling Stones’ oldie “She’s a Rainbow” in the background, all the imaginations overflow with all the colours. However, it’s too sad to know the idea of the video was orginally from Kozyndan, the LAs-based husband-and-wife illustator team Kozue and Dan Kitchens. Shame on the director, Frank Budgen, so called the current king of commercials, you make a dirt on the Sony Bravia Commercials if the Plagiarism is true.

Our National Flags

Red – Working 14 year olds
Yellow – Studying 14 year olds
Meet the world
Grande Reportagem

source: Grande Reportagem "Flag" campaign

Always like this series of using the colour in different countries’ flags to bring up their own community problems. It is from an advertisements in a Portuguese news magazine. The red colours represents the percentage of working children; whereas the yellow colour is the percentage of children in school. Although it doesn’t represent the actual statistics, at least it states the situation. Hong Kong has been returned to China for ten years already. How can we interpret the red and white colours on Hong Kong’s District Flag?