Unusual Plush Toys

That series of plush toy into which transforms organs is not only terrifying but lovely. The beauty is changing the sloppy into dolls and visualising invisible diseases, bacteria, and micro-organisms as plush toy. They are really frighteningly cute.

Series of organs : I Heart Guts!

Series of pee & poo : Pee&Poo

Series of virus : Giant Plush Microbes

Kylie Robotics.Kylie X USB

The coming album of Kylie Minogue also catches up the trend of USB stick. The USB Animating the Kylie Robotics style from the cover of the album"X" includes all 13 songs of the album and the documentary video of the trailer of "White Diamond" and the music video of the single "2 Hearts", and plus the booklet in the pdf format.

If the varieties and quantities can be like Gashapon(capsule toys), publishing albums in the way of USB stick is a feasible and potential business which the value appended is more than downloading mere mp3 , on the other hand it is more practical than CD, well, at least for me.

Saying 14 K, get yourself imprisoned in Hong Kong

Today news from Hong Kong:17 arrested for selling “triad products”

“The police have arrested 17 people following the seizure of 88 T-shirts and several hundred postcards with the name 14-K printed on them. The products were taken away from outlets of the home accessories chain store – G.O.D. The police said those arrested, including the company’s owner and designer, are suspected of violating the Societies Ordinance. However, G.O.D’s marketing manager, Cherry Ma, said 14-K referred to gold – not the triad society. She said staff were shocked by what appeared to be coordinated raids on the company’s three stores and warehouse.”

source: RTHK

Earlier there was a T-shirt with the slogan "Delay No More" which sounds like "Montherfuckers" in Cantonese, and now the same company G.O.D, has printed this Tee shirt with 14K in Chinese to make a trouble for themselves.

Honestly the design of the tee looks very ugly and undoubtly this is of very bad taste , however, do we have freedom of speech to express regardless its taste? And it’s funny to see how Hong Kong media react in the related photo on RTHK’s website in which the logo has been blurred to avoid showing the word "14K". Too many taboos in society may make people go crazy and lack of humour.

What if I adapt the tee from 14K to 24K, that’s ok! What if I make a tee to express my monthly income is 14K? What if my address is 14K?

Wikipedia:Triad Society

My Sleep Talking Shiba Inu

My shiba inu is always sleep-talking. This afternoon, I finally have a chance to film it. Seeing him barking while sleeping and later stretching his body like what people do when wake up; I guess he is having a very sweet dream.