Twins bottles from Evian, Christian Lacroix 2008 Haute Couture and Prêt-à-Porter

Following the Evian Glacier Special Edition in 2007, the new limited version of Evian has two sets of design produced by the french fashion master, Christian Lacroix. The body of bottle transforms into a tremendously charming garment designed by Haute Couture, just alike a piece of gorgeous ecoration inside a palace. Only 99 bottles are avilable in auction for charity in which the initial price is 1000 US dollars, the business of the rich only. For those ordinary collectors, Prêt-à-Porter is the substitute which is a Ready to wear mass-produced product. The lovely fact is that only 10 US dollars can make a deal while the quality of glitter and limpidity is kept even in this design.

source: evian par Christian Lacroix

Japanese Numberclip and Photohanger

number clip

The design of paperclip has not been changed much since it was invented in Norway more than hundred years ago. One of the winners of the Design Award organised by the big brand in stationary,Kokuyo is known as "Number Clip" . The original shape of the paper clip is moulded into the shapes of number 0 to 9 and a function of
categorisation is complemented therefore.


The product made in Japan appropriates the design of papeclip as well. But an anchor is added to imitate the shape of clothes-hanger. It turns out to be a photo holder, slip hanger, postcards hanger,love-letter hanger and even a rack for suidice letter.Well, it can simply be a paperclip as you like. Simple creativity like this can be surprisingly amazing.