Guns n Roses Vases

I am always fond of the porcelain which pretends itself to be a different object, namely the coke can I have introduced before. Plus I have plastic cups and cartons made of porcelain at my home.

I have been once fascinated by  these "Guns n Roses" vases when I saw the real objects in shops. But think twice, I hate guns actually. No matter how powerful a gun is, it is not as appealing as the gun at crotch.

The delicate and elegant  tea-set  as  an  art work  for  displaying  is  another  issue. The  creator,  Yvonne Lee Schultz as series of art works on the theme of gun which is as still as death which is ghastly and gruesome. I don’t need guns, show me another one instead.

Gun Vase @ Suck UK
Porcelain Pistol by Yvonne Lee Schultz