Kosuke Kitajima Won Another 100M Breaststroke Gold Medal with A New World Record

Kosuke’s long-time rival, Brendan Hansen, has broken the World Record 10 days ago.  During the semi-final, Alexander Dale Oen from Norway, broke the Olympic Record in a surprise. Both have beaten Kosuke’s best record. Therefore, it could be the toughest 100M Breaststroke Final ever in the history of Olympics which began at 11:30am in Beijing (4:30am in Norway) today.

When the camera was zoomed at Kosuke, he was tightly grabbing the Japanese Flag sewn near the heart on his jacket. When he took-off his jacket, you can clearly see a red mark on his left chest, telling us that he must be under great stress. As soon as the match started, Kosuke was behind the others because of his height. However, because of his effort and persistence, he final beat fellow swimmers and defended his Gold Medal with a new World Record of 58.91sec. Norwegian newcomer, Alexander Dale Oen, won the silver, and Hughes Duboscq of France got the bronze. Bendan Hansen, who complained against Kosuke in the last Olympics, was the fourth.  Haha!

Just finish watching the medal presentation ceremony. Kosuke was still very modest; and I, can finally take a nap now.

Clip : Kosuke Kitajima Olympic Men’s 100 M Breast Stroke Japan GOLD

The Latest New Face of Madonna

No actress will be willing to be the covergirl of this week’s "New York Magazine". I believe Madonna is no exception, especially with the recent photo of her aging headshot taken by the paparazzi. If there were a HK version, it must be Hong Kong’s actress Do Do Cheng on the cover of Hong Kong Magazine "Sudden Weekly". It may not be a tasteful layout with a big heart on the face. However, with the same botox technique, it is still the same old story.