The Winner of the World’s Ugliest Dog 2009

Although one would have the advantage by looking pretty most of the times, sometimes ugliness can become the advantage as well, at least in the world of dog. There are many beauty pageants for dogs and there is a contest for the ugly ones, let’s take a look at the winner of the world’s ugliest dog competition this year. It may scare you death, but the winner doesn’t care.

Pabst the boxer

the 21st Annual World's Ugliest Dog Contest

the world's ugliest pedigree dog

image source: UK Daily Mail

From an egg to a horse

The pregnancy of horse can be from eleven months and up to one year; and the mother usually likes to give birth at dawn and this can last from fifteen to thirty minutes. Right after a baby is born, the mother will lick his body thoroughly to improve blood circulation.  The baby will try to stand up very soon and go to his/her mother for food.

Below are the set of pictures from an egg to a foal.  It is very amazing.

via: Birth Of A Horse

A Frog that Lives in Elephant Dung

In a very dry environment without any water, it could be a disaster for human beings; but it could also be the heaven for some other living creatures. In Sri Lanka, there are three types of frogs which like to live inside elephants dung because of the humid condition which suits them well.  And because elephants cannot digest all the food taken, there are enough fibers and nutrients for the frogs and also mushrooms, insects.

Via: Mongabay – Frogs Species Discovered Living in Elephant Dung

One of the Greatest Username in Facebook History Ever

Someone has to think of an username first. It should be one that not only representing himself, but also needs to follow Facebook’s username requirement: at least 5 letters, not infringing any trademarks, or insulting. Someone also has to get ready for the countdown of Facebook to accept registration at 6:00am Norway Time (noon in Hong Kong), when I am still asleep. As a matter of fact, no one would care to take up my name, anyway.

Just as I thought, when I woke up this morning, everybody in the internet are discussing whether they can register their desired ones yet.  And, I am rather interested in finding if there is any incredibly genius ideas, without breaking any rules.

One of the greatest facebook username should belong to Christine Shipley. Hers is "default.aspx":

Bravo! Another interesting thing is Facebook has never thought of it; and still allows her to keep it. Think about how many people will click into this link each day? Imagine if she opened her page to public, she could easily make lots of money for each status message; provided Facebook has never found out.

If there is any other outstanding usernames, please let me know.