Kung Fu Super Baozi VS Sushi Men

Super Baozi ( a type of Chinese steamed bread ) is created by  SHP, an independent CG animation artist who currently lives in Shenzhen, China. I can foresee that Super Baozi is going to catch huge attention and win SHP his very first fame.

One of his works called “Super Baozi VS Sushi Man” parodying  Bruce Lee’s movies shows how Baozi defeats his enemies Sushi men in the incarnation of Bruce Lee. Certainly it would be the cup of tea for young nationalists in China who share unresolved love-hate mixed feeling towards Japanese culture.


Two-headed cobra found in China

Two-headed cobra / naja

This is the first time to have found a double-headed cobra in China, and usually it is hard for them to survive after birth.


A Norwegian cow with a heart-shaped marking on her forehead

Shiba Inu from Norway

There was a group of cow nearby where we stayed in up north Norway. They seemed so curious about us every time we passed by, particularly our dog Sesame which was also very excited for the cows. They ended up greeting each other by kissing gently, wasn’t it cute? And look at the black and white milk cow, it is amazing to find out there is a beautiful heart shaped marking on her forehead. I didn’t noticed this little magic until I travelled back home. What a pity, otherwise I would try my best to film the cows more. And it’s not a bad idea to let this special cow to be star for promoting the good quality of Norwegian dairy product.

Heart Shape Cow