The Latest New Face of Madonna

No actress will be willing to be the covergirl of this week’s "New York Magazine". I believe Madonna is no exception, especially with the recent photo of her aging headshot taken by the paparazzi. If there were a HK version, it must be Hong Kong’s actress Do Do Cheng on the cover of Hong Kong Magazine "Sudden Weekly". It may not be a tasteful layout with a big heart on the face. However, with the same botox technique, it is still the same old story.

Time Out in Hong Kong

Years ago, an issue of "Time Out" on hand is snugly perfect for receiving hip information about fairs among scenes of culture and entertainment as well as dining tips in a week, no matter you are in London for the sake of traveling or residing. It does not only have reviews in appropriate length, which is nothing more, nothing less, and it also has categorized dating-service ads, which belonged to the age before the internet immersion.

From time to time, the phenomenon of releasing different versions for varied cities, e.g. New York, Moscow, Sydney, Singapore and so many, is just similar to what "Metro" can be seen in all over the world. Nevertheless, the fact that Hong Kong has got Hong Kong version of "Metro" for ages just makes me wonder when "Time Out" Hong Kong, which should be coming soon for sure, will be finally out, hehe.