Do you stand by Gillian Chung?

Gillian Chung, the first female protagonist of the scandal of Edison’s sex photos eventually stands in front of public in press conference in where she made a brief word for the incident:

“I admit that I used to be very naive and very silly, but I’ve already grown up now. I wish to thank my company,family and friends for their support. I deeply regret the trouble caused to the general public. I will work hard in the future and will positively face my life ahead.”

On the other side, her sincerity of Emperor Entertainment Group, the company to which Gillian belongs was challenged by some people with the reason that no clarification has been made for their lie in which they insisted the photos are made up by digital editing in the beginning. And some people voiced that it was just an arrangement for soothing the companies for which Gillian has been working. Furthermore, people are deeply suspicious that Gillian is all in all still acting and fooling the public in disguise of a beautiful idol since she has completely broken her integrity by lying for so long, e.g. her advocating no sex before marriage but her sluttish performance and face in the sex photos leaked out. So what do you think? Would you still support Gillian Chung? What is your reason?