3P emerges on Portishead “Third”

Being one of the pioneers of Triphop, long-awaited record of Portishead “Third” is eventually releasing in April after being waited for more than 10 years since their second self-titled album “Portishead”. Before the official release, leaked version was spread out to the internet since few days ago so that all triphoppers were to quenched their thirst with having a zest of the album at once.

The experience of listening to the complete album, setting off from the groggy beat “Silence” to indulge in this 50-minutes journey of groaning, is totally different from listening to the clips of live version which are of poor quality before hand. Listening to this album made me  realise that Portishead is still the only Portishead which is anyway irreplaceable though there have been so many imitators. Never can you forget them. So far, my favourite tracks are “The Rip” which is as tranquil as quicks and as well as “Machine Gun” which is as tight as being strangled by crew neck.


01 “Silence” – 4:59
02 “Hunter” – 3:57
03 “Nylon Smile” – 3:16
04 “The Rip” – 4:30
05 “Plastic” – 3:27
06 “We Carry On” – 6:27
07 “Deep Water” – 1:30
08 “Machine Gun” – 4:43
09 “Small” – 6:45
10 “Magic Doors” – 3:32
11 “Threads” – 5:47