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廿四味 24Herbs – Rock As One

Rock As One  

主唱:廿四味 24Herbs
作曲:Ghost Style
填詞:Ghost Style.Drunk.Sir JBS
編曲:Eddie a.k.a. DorYuk
監製:Eddie a.k.a. DorYuk


Living the pipeline, losing the realtime
All you motheruckers mother-fathers, pls open your free mind
Flying the fly by, Living life Sci-fi
Earthly constellations are driving the drive by!
Rocking the prime time, Rolling the fine line!
All you motherfuckers mother-fathers, pls open your third eye.
Reality bye bye, dimensional Hi-fi
Rocking it together, rocking the real life

Sir JBS:
United we stand, divided we fall
Who’s gonna got your back when you face against the wall
Come on grab that mic and let’s get ill
Let’s flip this party up, like Uma in Kill Bill
It’s now or never, never me, myself and I
Together we shine better, if we let our pride die
After all said and done, it’s all about loyalty son
None of this even matters, if homies aren’t as one (Rock as One)

Ghost Style:
Power like a UFO armada
Like Nirvana
Feelin light like a cloud
Good karma
Show your soul
Let your spirit rise up
Drinking wine from a cup
Our vibration finely tuned up
Energy man can never used up
They say this beaters so slow
But yeh I like music screwed up
Let’s go crazy, use the sign and
Throw up your Vs
We hippies now peace, trees let’s all be free


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