Foorin team E – Paprika



Foorin team E



Twisting and turning, down this road we go
Running to the forest where we can play all day
The sun shines so brightly on our country town
Someone’s always calling out your name

And when summer comes, see our shadows grow
Always know I will miss you so
Come on, look up, find the first star in the sky
I hope tomorrow will be sunny, too

Paprika, when our flowers start to bloom
Put the seeds into your hands and throw them in the sky
Paprika, we can make our dreams come alive
Rain or shine, we’ll find a way to play again another day

It’s raining and pouring, the moon’s hiding away
I think I can hear someone crying in the shade
Don’t worry I promise, there’s no need to be afraid
Someone’s always calling out your name

Come and count with me all the happy things
So much joy you always bring
Now it’s time to go, I’ll see you tomorrow
Memories will light the way back home

発売日:2020 01 22

Foorin team Eは、米津玄師によって選ばれた英語ネイティブの5人組子供ユニット。「Paprika」は「パプリカ」の全編英語詞バージョンとして制作された。