獨立 英語單曲 香港

The Underground Sex – Viva Victoria

Viva Victoria

主唱:The Underground Sex
作曲:The Underground Sex
填詞:The Underground Sex


Need not to tell us what to fight
it is up to me, not up to you
Putting big motha fuckin’ banners all across my harbour
So why am I not getting paid at all?

Need not to tell me what is right
It’s not like you can tell at all
Your right brain has nothing left
Your right brain has nothing right
Protest means nothing if no one cares at all

These days all I do is pray
If the sky is looking grey
Your strategy isn’t very bright
You rephrase and rephrase So please do something
Before we stop breathing
before we start choking

Viva Viva Victoria
I don’t see no harbor
I call this a river
Viva Viva Victoria
Guess we need a mentor

We can’t afford a place to live
Inflation gets me in deep shit
Now we got 6 thousands dollars
but twenty eight per an hour…
Are you so sure we are living better?

Viva Viva Victoria
I see acid showerDrops across our harbour
Viva Viva Victoria
Where is my clock tower


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